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fic: Intrinsic Parity by ultimatemarysue

Author: ultimatemarysue
Title: Intrinsic Parity
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3464
Concrit: always welcome
Disclaimer: You'd know they were mine by the marked lack of clothing.
Warnings: seeming non-con
Summary: John and Rodney play a game.
Notes: Written for kink_bingo. This was written for the "consent play" tile.

Rodney rubbed a hand over his face, pressing his fingertips into his eyes. He'd been in his lab for nineteen hours straight, chasing down glitches in the interface between Atlantis' systems and their own, continuing to work on the hyperdrive for the puddlejumpers, and trying to figure out if recharging a ZPM was even possible. It was this last that had kept him in the lab until 3 am. He'd had an idea, a really good idea, and had gotten absorbed in working out the equations, chasing an answer just beyond his grasp. He'd still be there, power bar gripped, forgotten, between his teeth as he scribbled on the white board but his vision had started to double and he could feel exhaustion dampening his understanding. What he'd started was good, he knew it, and he'd be able to work it through better if he were rested. So he'd saved all his work on his laptop, taped a sign to the white board threatening the life of anyone who so much as breathed on it, and called it a night.

Atlantis was mostly asleep at this time of night. He passed a doctor on her way back from a break in the mess and a pair of marines on patrol but otherwise it was silent, the lights dimmed, the shadows deep, and Rodney's footsteps echoed softly off the walls. He was almost to his quarters, could hear the siren song of a hot shower, of his bed and cool sheets when he was grabbed from behind, turned, and slammed into the wall. It happened so fast that he didn't even have time to cry out and now a hard, tense body was pressed against his, pinning him to the wall, a forearm pressed into the nape of his neck.

"Wh...what," Rodney started to stutter and the arm pressed against his neck pushed up against his head, driving his cheekbone painfully into the wall.

"Shut up," a voice hissed in his ear and Rodney jerked.


"I told you to shut up," Sheppard growled against Rodney's ear. His fingers wound up into Rodney's hair and grabbed tight, jerking Rodney's head back a little. "Has anyone ever told you you're a fucking cocktease, McKay?"

Rodney made a strangled sound in the back of his throat as he shook his head. "No," he gasped. Rodney couldn't catch his breath. Sheppard's voice, low and hard in his ear, the slight pain of being pinned so hard against the wall, was terrifying. "No, I..."

"You what?" Sheppard spat. "You don't spread your legs when you're lying under a console? You don't bend over your bench to grab some piece of tech when I come into your lab? You don't wander around off-world with your lips wrapped around a fucking power bar?"

"I don't... it's not," he started again and then cut off with a small yelp when Sheppard pulled his head back painfully far. "Ow, Sheppard. Wait."

"Wait?" Sheppard repeated leaning in to run his tongue up Rodney's cheek. "I'm tired of waiting Rodney," he said but hesitated nonetheless.

Rodney squeezed his eyes shut and tried to control his breathing. This was John, he reminded himself. They'd set this up. A game, a fantasy. He had the power to stop it if he wanted to, but the point was to fulfill his fantasy, to have control taken from him forcibly. To have no say over what happened to him. And now John was hesitating, waiting to see if Rodney would use the one word that would end the whole thing.

Rodney licked his lips. "Whatever you think I'm doing, I'm not," he said finally and Sheppard leaned back into him

"That's bullshit, McKay. Did you think you could just keep that up? Just tease me like that all the fucking time and not have me take what I want?"

"Sheppard, I swear, I'm not doing anything," he said, his voice breaking. Jesus. He'd completely underestimated how frightening John would be. "Let me go."

Sheppard chuckled, low and rough, against Rodney's ear. "No, Rodney. We're going into your quarters and I'm finally going get everything you've been flaunting."

"Sheppard," Rodney said as John pulled him away from the wall and shoved him towards his quarters. Why was his heart beating so hard? This was only a game. But then the doors swooshed open for them and Sheppard shoved Rodney hard and he stumbled forward, tripping over his feet and landing hard on his knees in front of the bed.

He grunted in pain as he hit the floor. He could hear Sheppard's ragged breathing somewhere behind him and tried to stand, scramble over the bed, anything to put some distance between him Sheppard. Everything was happening so fast. He just needed a second to let his brain catch up.

"Uh uh," Sheppard said, and Rodney felt the sole of Sheppard's boot on his back forcing him back down to his knees, forcing him to bend forward over the mattress. "You're not going anywhere."

"John," Rodney gasped trying to press up, get John off of him, but Sheppard just leaned forward, resting an elbow on his knee.

"Something to say, McKay?"

"Let me up a sec," Rodney said. Being pinned like he was was making him feel claustrophobic. He just needed to catch his breath.

"Let you up a sec?" Sheppard chuckled softly and the sound of it sent a cold shiver down Rodney's spine. "Sure. Why don't I just take you down to Sam's office, too, so you can report me."

"I won't report you, I swear. We can just pretend this..." He cut off with a pained grunt as Sheppard leaned more of his weight into Rodney's back.

"Sure, right. Thanks for the offer, but I think I like where I've got you." Sheppard shifted his weight off Rodney but kept his foot planted on Rodney's back and then Rodney heard the jingle of a belt buckle being undone.

He had no idea what John planned on doing with the belt but suddenly his fear spiked and he lunged forward, trying to get over the bed, whispering "no, no, no" under his breath.

"Fuck," Sheppard muttered and replaced his foot with his knee as he reached down to grab Rodney's arms. Rodney yelped in pain as one of his hands was twisted up behind his back.

"Ow, ow, please, John, stop," he gasped, hearing the panic in his own voice.

"I'm not stopping, McKay," Sheppard purred against his ear. "No matter what you say, I'm not stopping. You don't get to back out of this."

A part of Rodney started to forget they were playing a game and he bucked hard against Sheppard, fighting with everything he had to get free until a white hot knife of pain streaked up his arm.

"Stop, stop! You're hurting me!"

"Then stop fighting, dumbass. I thought you were a genius. You should be able to figure out that the best way for you to get out of this is to stop fighting me and let me do what I want."

"John, please," he said, voice thick.

The pain in his shoulder eased as Sheppard shifted, releasing him from the arm lock.

"You don't get to ask me to not do this, Rodney. You've been begging for it for months." John jerked Rodney's arms back and looped the belt around his biceps, just above his elbows, and tightened it down to it's smallest hole. "I tried, Rodney," he said and Rodney heard the low buzz of a zipper. "I tried to ignore you but you just kept fucking teasing me." He knelt down behind Rodney, kicking Rodney's knees apart to make room for himself, and leaned forward, squeezing Rodney's hands painfully between their bodies. "And now I'm gonna fuck you, Rodney. I'm gonna take that cherry ass you so like putting on display."

Rodney groaned and hunched his shoulders as Sheppard slid his hand around to Rodney's belly, trying to get away from the hard heat of Sheppard's cock pressed against his ass, away from the long fingers undoing the snaps of his BDUs.

"God, please stop," Rodney gasped and Sheppard's hand suddenly stopped. Rodney let out a shuddering breath in relief but then Sheppard's hand moved down slightly.

"Are you hard for me, Rodney? For this?" Rodney could hear the smile in Sheppard's voice.

"No, no I... Just stop, alright? Please... I don't want... I can't..." He suddenly couldn't catch his breath, pinned between Sheppard's hips and the bed, and all he wanted to do was scream and kick and get free, but he couldn't move because his bound arms were held by a strong hand and Sheppard's knees were digging into Rodney's calves. He ground his teeth together and twisted as violently as he could, his scream coming out hoarse and raw. But Sheppard just rode him out and Rodney dropped his head to the bed, tears stinging the backs of his eyes.

"Please, Sheppard. Please..." he begged, and felt the first hot tears leak from his eyes as Sheppard's hand continued its push into Rodney's boxers, running his palm over the head of Rodney's cock. Sheppard grinned at Rodney's sharp intake of breath.

"'Please, Sheppard, please' what, Rodney? Please more of this?" He wrapped his fingers around Rodney's cock and gave a hard, long pull, making Rodney jerk and wail miserably.

"No!" Rodney said and bucked again, nearly succeeding in knocking Sheppard off him. Nearly.

"Nice try, McKay," Sheppard said, abandoning Rodney's cock to finish unfastening Rodney's pants and shove them down his thighs. "But I'm going to fuck you and I'm going to come inside you and I'm going to make you scream." Rodney whimpered, frustration and panic overwhelming him. "Mmm," Sheppard hummed. "I like that sound, but you won't be whimpering when I fuck you, Rodney. You're going to scream and beg. And I don't care if you beg me to stop 'cause I'm gonna take everything I want from you." He pressed two fingers against Rodney's lips, then, and said, "Suck."

Rodney started to turn his face away but John's other hand came down on the side of his head, holding him still.

"You really want to suck on my fingers and get them good and wet because that's all the lube you get. So get them as wet as you can, Rodney, because I bet you're tight as hell."

"I don't want to," Rodney tried, but Sheppard shoved his fingers into Rodney's mouth so far that he gagged. He tried to jerk his head away, but Sheppard's other hand kept him still and so he kept choking, opening his mouth wide, his tongue flattening up against Sheppard's fingers.

"That's good, McKay, that's real good," John said, withdrawing his fingers slightly and Rodney started coughing and making retching noises, gasping for air. "Hmm, your eyelashes look so pretty all clumped together with tears." Sheppard slowly pumping his fingers in and out of Rodney's lax mouth and John used the hand holding Rodney's head down to shake him. "Suck my fingers, Rodney. I want to feel your lips and tongue."

Rodney squeezed his eyes shut and did what Sheppard wanted, closing his lips around Sheppard's long fingers, pressing his tongue up to slide between them. Even though he'd sucked on John's fingers hundreds of times this time it made him want to gag but John hummed happily.

"Your damn eyelashes are just another part of the teasing," Sheppard mused. "You blink so god damn much, batting them like a fucking girl, or when you look up from your computer through them." Sheppard sighed again, almost wistfully, and pulled his fingers out of Rodney's mouth.

"I hope you got them good and wet," he said and then reached between them.

Rodney's whole body tensed as he felt Sheppard's fingers slide between his cheeks. "Please stop, John," he pleaded, his voice tight and high. "I don't want this."

"Not about what you want tonight, McKay. This is all for me," John said and pushed in a finger. Rodney let out a small yelp of pain. Part of his mind was screaming at him to end this now, saying that if it hurt now it was only going to hurt more with John inside him. But another part, the part that had suggested this in the first place, the part that Rodney didn't ever examine too closely, the part that craved the pain and degradation, screamed for more.

Rodney turned his face into the sheets, hiding cheeks which were flushed red with want and shame, and forced himself not to thrust back against Sheppard's finger.

"You already feel so good, McKay," John said in that voice that made Rodney whimper. "How's it feel for you?"

Rodney groaned through clenched teeth as Sheppard forced in a second finger. "Hurts," he finally managed.

"Huh, sorry about that," Sheppard said, not sounding sorry at all and shoving his fingers in hard and deep making Rodney gasp in pain and flex his hands.

"It's going to be so good to be inside you, McKay," Sheppard said, scissoring his fingers, stretching Rodney open cruelly. "If you want to fight while I'm going in, that's good. The tighter you are the better it is for me and I like a little spunk. What do you say, Rodney? Are you gonna be spunky for me? Hmm? Put up a little fight, give me a good excuse to nail you hard?"

Rodney's entire body shuddered hard as Sheppard forced in a third finger and he tried to move away from the burn but there was no where to go and he couldn't hold back the sob that escaped his mouth.

The rhythm of John's thrusting fingers faltered when he heard Rodney's sob, but Rodney ground back against him, eliciting another shudder. John hesitated a moment longer and then thrust in deep, finding Rodney's prostate and massaging it.

"Oh, god," Rodney gasped and arched his back.

"Like that, McKay?" Sheppard asked as he reached around to find Rodney's cock, hard and leaking. "You seem to."

Rodney couldn't help the low groan as Sheppard's thumb circled his cockhead and Sheppard laughed.

"I knew you'd be a whore for this, McKay. You can't be such a huge tease without getting called on it now and again, can you?" He shifted his fingers inside Rodney while stroking Rodney's cock and Rodney shuddered, groaning miserably into the sheets.

"Fuck, John," he gasped and Sheppard leaned over him.

"Just admit it, McKay, you like it. You tease because you want this. You want to be used."

Rodney's hips bucked involuntarily and Sheppard laughed again.

"See Rodney? Just say it. Tell me you want me to fuck you raw."

"No," Rodney said. "I don't... I don't..." But he dissolved into another clenched-tooth groan as John spread his fingers inside Rodney's ass and squeezed Rodney's cock.

"Yeah, McKay. I think you do," Sheppard said, low and rough.

"Please," Rodney said, his voice rising embarrassingly high as John pulled his fingers out roughly. "Oh, god, John. Please."

"You begging me to stop or to keep going?" Sheppard asked as he used one hand to spread Rodney's cheeks apart. He spat into the cleft and used his other hand to guide his cock through the spit and to Rodney's hole. He nudged against it and heard Rodney whimper. He pushed harder and the head popped in. Rodney shuddered and groaned.

Rodney bit his lip as Sheppard worked his way in, inch by painful inch. The pain radiated out from the small of his back, spreading through his entire body until every nerve ending was singing with it. When Sheppard shoved in the last few inches Rodney bit down on his lip so hard he tasted blood.

"Oh, god, John. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck." He was trembling all over, gasping for air, unable to get his lungs to cooperate. This, this was why he didn't do this, play these games. His whole body was on fire and it felt so good, but he could feel it threatening to burn everything away. The sound of his blood throbbing, a noise as white as the pain, was getting louder. He knew he was going to drown in it.

"Jesus, Rodney," John rasped and reached to undo the belt from around Rodney's arms. "Come on, baby," he whispered against the skin of Rodney's back as he pulled back just a couple of inches before grinding back in, slow and hard.

"John," Rodney breathed and John could hear it in his voice, in the feel of his body.

"Yeah, Rodney," he said, rocking his hips again. "I got you. Let go and fly for me. I got you, baby."

Rodney felt John lift him, wrap an arm around his chest. He felt John's cock inside him, impossibly huge, impossibly deep. He heard John tell him to fly. And every time John thrust into him his body sang and his blood pounded harder in his ears and he was pushed closer and closer to the edge, closer to giving up control completely.

"No, no, I can't," Rodney groaned and John squeezed him tighter.

"You can, Rodney. Come on."

Rodney's chin dropped to his chest as John drove into him, the burn too complete and too good to be denied. And the scent of sex and John was all around him, the sounds of his own gasps and moans filling his ears until it was all he could hear and John was all he could feel and with a final sob he let go.

"Fuck, Rodney, that's it," John groaned as Rodney finally went soft and pliable in his arms. "So beautiful."

"More, John. Fuck me. I want to feel you."

Rodney collapsed to the bed with a groan as John ground into him and rolled his hips as John resumed his shallow thrusts. His world was reduced to the sensation of John's cock inside him, John's fingers curled tightly around his hips, John's breath on his neck and the sound of John's harsh breathing, the low rasp of his voice as he coaxed Rodney deeper into headspace, made him fly higher.

"I want you to come for me, Rodney," John said. "And I'm not going to touch you. I want you to come just from having me inside you."

Rodney just nodded and closed his eyes. He'd never been able to come without one of them jerking him off, but he'd never been here before, every nerve alight, his whole body vibrating with want, need. He'd never had John so deep inside him, inside his head, like John knew every corner of him, owned him, loved him and just like that his body was tightening and he was coming.

"Shit, Rodney, yes. Yes, yes, so fucking..." Rodney could feel John coming, how his final thrusts deepened, the way eased by slick semen. Rodney arched his back and let John in even deeper, shuddering against him with the aftershocks of his orgasm.

John laid draped across him for a long time before pulling out with a sigh. He left Rodney bent over the bed, still flying, while he went into the bathroom for a wet cloth and a dry towel.

He laid those things on the nightstand and knelt behind Rodney. "Come on, Rodney. Lean back."

Rodney hummed softly but sat back on his heels so John could peel off his shirt. John rubbed Rodney's arms where the belt had bitten into his skin and Rodney thought absently that he'd probably have to wear a long sleeved shirt for the next few days to hide the bruises, but then John was encouraging him up onto the bed.

Rodney let himself be moved, felt John take off his boots and pants before gently cleaning him off with the cloth. He cracked an eye to watch John and could see the possessiveness and affection warming the hazel eyes to a darker brown. Their next off-world mission would be a bitch, John bristling at anyone who got too close to Rodney, but this was worth it, this feeling of total peace and freedom and satiety.

"What are you smiling about?" John asked, his voice still low and soft.

"Just thinking about how overprotective you're going to be on our next mission. About how good I feel."

He could feel John's smile when John bent down to kiss him. "I'm always overprotective of you," he said and then stood up to take off his own clothes. When he slid under the covers next to Rodney he smiled to see that Rodney was almost asleep already.

"You were beautiful tonight," he said softly and another small smile pulled at Rodney's lips.

"You made me be."

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